Do you need to clear your ukulele stand for the latest Custom Koa you just ordered? Or want to make some room for playing the ukuleles you already love? If you have any ukuleles lying around unplayed and unloved please consider donating them to UKC-UK, so they can be reconditioned and sent on to be loved again, by the little fingers of a hospitalised child in the UK.

The Southern Ukulele Store are now prepped and ready to receive your pre-loved ukuleles – they will restring, set up and clean up your donation and send them on with our regular shipments to local hospitals, where they will be played and loved once more.

Please send your ukulele donations to:

UAS Amnesty for UKC-UK
c/o Southern Ukulele Store
190 Seabourne Road

The SUS Squad are ready and waiting, please don’t disappoint them 😀


The SUS Squad



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