T was a 15 year old young man who was admitted to the ward due to low mood and suicidal ideation. T had autism and found the world hard to negotiate socially and emotionally. T was reluctant to engage in music sessions in the Education Base to begin with due to believing that he was “no good” at music and that the “noise” would be a sensory overload.
T started to become curious about the music sessions due to the positive comments of other young people. Richard nurtured this curiosity and T started to engage in the music sessions. This engagement grew into a love of music and T found that music was therapeutic. Richard identified this in T and gave him a ukulele that he could use on the ward outside of the music sessions.
The ukulele became integral to T’s recovery and discharge and no doubt a new hobby that will allow T to grow as a person and maintain his mental health in the community.


Adolescent Class
Thorneywood Education Base

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T’s Story
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