What an awful thought… out of tune ukuleles! Even though the music therapists and teachers do their best to keep the children’s ukuleles in tune and despite the valiant efforts from the Southern Ukulele Store by sneaking in the odd tuner when they send out a shipment, it’s true, some of our kids ukuleles are out of tune… Can you help out?

Have you recently upgraded your ukulele tuner? Did you get a new tuner as a present? Do you now have a redundant tuner that you no longer need? Then you’re the people for us! Please send us your old and un-used ukulele tuners, so we can pass them on directly to the kids in hospital, to keep their ukes in tune and keep the smiles on everybody’s faces.

As with our #UASAmnesty we’d love it if you could send your tuners to the Southern Ukulele Store at the address below.



Please send your ukulele donations to:

Tune us up! for UKC-UK
c/o Southern Ukulele Store
190 Seabourne Road


The SUS Squad are ready to rock, please don’t disappoint them 😀

The SUS Squad


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Some of our kids are out of tune… can you help?
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