As many of our club members have limited movement due to various reasons, such as being attached to medical machinery and other constraints, they are unable to play their ukulele using the conventional ‘wrapping fingers around the neck’ method.

UKC-UK have created these alternative ukulele chord diagrams, just for these club members! The chord diagrams depict the tablature of the ukulele chords when played on the lap, pressing the fingertips down onto the fretboard (the number on the dots represent the suggested finger to be used).

We hope to eventually develop a full database of all the ukulele chords, see below the majority of popular chords as alternative OppoChord diagrams that we have developed so far:

(If you’d like to see any specific ukulele chords added to this page, please use the comments section below)


OppoChords – Alternative Ukulele Chord Diagram Tabs
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2 thoughts on “OppoChords – Alternative Ukulele Chord Diagram Tabs

  • 13th November 2016 at 2:34 am

    Brilliant idea….its for playing a ” lap uke”.
    Very practical….

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