The gang at Brightside Music are running a ukulele club, working with teachers and staff at Leeds Children’s Hospital, so we’re sending ukuleles there too! They hit the ground strumming and got stuck straight in to giving out the ukuleles to excited patients.

Ukuleles at Leeds Children's Hospital

Here are some comments from new club members:

“My daughter was very excited to receive her own ukulele. She was excited when she thought she was just having a go but when you said she could keep it she was ecstatic. Thank you so much.” Parent of 7 year old girl (recovering after spinal surgery)

“It was a lovely surprise to be given a ukulele. It really helps pass the time in hospital and I can play it whenever I want. It wasn’t a regular ukulele. It was decorative and made me feel special. Thank you Ukulele Kids Club!” 11 year old boy (undergoing bone-marrow transplant)

“We are so very grateful that my daughter has received a ukulele. She very much enjoyed her lesson with the ukulele teacher and seems to have a natural talent for it! I gave up my job last year to become her carer and money is now tight so we are so pleased with this. Thank you!”

They also gave a ukulele out to a young man (around 15) who wrote a letter of thanks. He was so thrilled to learn and knew exactly how to go about it once Brightside and the hospital staff had set him up with a tuning app on his tablet and YouTube at his fingertips!

They’ve written a blog entry all about it here:

Ukuleles at Leeds Children's Hospital

Gemma (Learning Mentor), Nick (Primary Teacher), Aisling (Brightside Musician), Mike (Ukulele Teacher) and Becky (Brightside Musician) in the school room at Leeds Children’s Hospital posing with some UKC-UK ukuleles!

“We’re so excited to be in the club! Brightside Music offer interactive live music on wards and in other spaces in healthcare settings. We can’t wait to get this partnership started with UKC-UK at Leeds Children’s Hospital in conjunction with teachers at the hospital school. This is such a marvellous opportunity for the patients to have further access to music-making.

We meet so many talented individuals who often don’t know that they are musicians and we are thrilled to have the opportunity to nurture them in their learning, in a space where children often have limited access to music and the arts. It is such an honour to be able to bring something positive to a child’s hospital experience.” Brightside Music

Brightside Music

Welcome To The Club EveryBody At Leeds Children’s Hospital!

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