We’ve recently added another hospital to the club! With the help of play specialists and musicians at Artfelt and Brightside Music, we’re now sending ukuleles to Sheffield Children’s Hospital.


The team at Artfelt have joined forces with Brightside Music to set up a regular Ukulele Club at the hospital. The first session kick started recently and went down really well…

Kate & Mum

Hi Ricci,

I just wanted to get in touch to thank you once again for our Ukuleles and tell you that last night we had our first Ukulele Club and it was… wonderful!

Ukulele Club was facilitated by Becky from Brightside Music and took place last night from 5.30pm- 7.30pm on Wards 1,2 and 3. We engaged 16 patients, parents, grandparents and staff. Becky taught chords, songs and also encouraged experimentation which engaged really well with our hospital community.

Kate who is pictured above playing Ukulele with her Mum was identified as a ‘bright talent’ by Becky and was gifted a Ukulele to continue her musical journey. She is currently the youngest member of a colliery band and was incredibly grateful to be given a Ukulele to break up the monotony of a 20 day stay in hospital. She has a music teacher back at home who is a keen champion of the Ukulele so her mum said he would be very happy about this and will continue to expand her Ukulele journey when back at home.

Here is a quote from Kate:

” I am 12 years old. I play the cornet in a brass band. It was my first time properly playing the Ukulele and I really enjoyed having a go. Thank you for the Ukulele, I will continue to learn the Ukulele”.

Kate’s Mum:

“I am Kate’s mum, and this is my first time playing the Ukulele, we both had a great time and my daughter is so talented she took to it straight away! I need more practice and it took me a lot longer! Thank you for the experience 😊”

Thank you for helping us make this happen, it has enriched the hospital experience for everyone! Long may it continue!

Many thanks

Charlotte Newton
Artfelt Workshop Coordinator

Welcome To The Club EveryBody At Artfelt, Brightside Music and Sheffield Children’s Hospital!

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