We’ve teamed up with Opus Music who provide music in healthcare to several hospitals and units in the Nottingham area, to distribute UKC ukuleles among the children at Nottingham Children’s Hospital School at the QMC Education Centre.

“A very welcome gift has caused some excitement today at the Children’s Hospital School in Nottingham. Already, on the first day of their arrival, one of the ukuleles has allowed a young patient to make music in a way that would not have been possible without it.

Thank you so much”

Eleanor Tweedie, Head of Children’s Hospital School

Here are Eleanor Tweedie, Richard Kensington (OPUS) and other hospital school staff celebrating the delivery of CloudMusic ukuleles…

Ukuleles @ Nottingham Children's Hospital School
Ukuleles @ Nottingham Children’s Hospital

The purpose of the QMC Medical Centre is “…to enhance the future well-being of children and young people unable to attend school due to ill health. We do this by providing the highest quality education whilst overcoming barriers to learning posed by ill health”.

“We’re incredibly grateful to Ukulele Kids Club UK for providing instruments for hospitalised children at Queen’s Medical Centre in Nottingham.  The Ukuleles will be given to long-term patients who will engage in music-making alongside the OPUS Hospital Musicians and hospital school staff using the new instruments.

It will be wonderful to see patients discharged from hospital, taking with them a hugely rewarding and deeply beneficial new music-making hobby made possible through this wonderful donation. Hospital staff are already starting to learn to play Ukulele themselves to support the young people and learn alongside them!

Thank you Ukulele Kids Club UK.”

Nick Cutts, Director, OPUS Music CIC

The guys at Southern Ukulele Store are also adding ukuleles from our #UASAmnesty to the shipments. We are very happy to be spreading the arms of the UKC family further, to the kids at Nottingham Children’s Hospital School. Enjoy the music!

Please help us raise the funds to continue supporting these children on a regular basis…

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