With the help of Opus Music we’re sending batches of CloudMusic ukuleles up north from the Southern Ukulele Store/ UKC-UK Ukuleles at Leicester Children’s Hospital too.

“We are very grateful for this kind donation. The availability of the ukuleles offers a new and exciting experience for children who may never have had the chance to play an instrument before and can be very beneficial, particularly if a young person is in hospital for a long term period of care.” Vanessa Daniels, Leicester Children’s Hospital

See the original press release from Leicester Children’s Hospital here: http://ow.ly/TA9N1

Ukuleles @ Leicester Children's Hospital
Ukuleles at Leicester Children’s Hospital

We also had a piece aired on the Jonathan Lampon show on BBC Radio Leicester when they were visiting the hospital in the light of our ukulele donations, they were chatting to OPUS and listening to some ukulele music.

“We have linked up with Ukulele Kids Club UK who provide instruments for hospitalised children. The ukuleles are given to long-term patients who will engage in music-making.

I am delighted that the OPUS Hospital Musicians will be able to make use of this donation in our next visit to Leicester Children’s Hospital.”

Nick Cutts, OPUS Music

We’re very happy to add another hospital to our ever growing list. Welcome to Leicester Children’s Hospital we hope the kids enjoy the ukuleles and music!

Please help us raise the funds to continue supporting these children on a regular basis…

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