With the support of Wallace and Grommit’s – The Grand Appeal we are sending batches of ukuleles to Bristol Royal Hospital for Children, this hospital provides vital medical services to children in the South West.

The music therapists along with the hospital teachers use the ukuleles from UKC-UK to enable patients to learn some of their favourite tunes and to set up regular ukulele ‘jam sessions’ in the hospital school.

“We work on all the wards, prioritising children with additional needs and those who are in the hospital for long periods. We have one ukulele on our trolley, which children love to use in an exploratory way, but we are unable to do any teaching with it as we inevitably have to take the instrument on to the next bed space for the next session.

UKC-UK ukuleles will help us give the children time to truly bond with the instruments.”

Karen Morrison, Music Therapist

Ukuleles @ Bristol Royal Hospital for Children
Ukuleles @ Bristol Royal Hospital for Children

The Grand Appeal provides two music therapists at the Bristol Royal Hospital for Children. They work with the kids at their bedsides to offer emotional support, opportunities for self-expression and fun through music.

“When a child has to stay in hospital for a long time it is important to find ways to pass the time and to feel creative.

Learning an instrument can provide a sense of achievement and stimulate creativity which are important during a hospital stay and what better way to do this than by using ukuleles which are such fun and sociable instruments.”

Misha Law, Music Therapist

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