From Liverpool it’s Alder Hey Children’s Hospital. This one of a kind, state of the art complex is also known as Alder Hey in the Park, because it is actually built in a park!

The design itself and many aspects of the hospital were based around nearly a thousand drawings and ideas, that were submitted by children and young people. These ideas were used to create a warm and inviting environment, with fresh air and access to nature playing a major part.

Ukuleles @ Alder Hey Children's Hospital
Ukuleles @ Alder Hey Children’s Hospital

They have a number of musicians and a music therapists working in the hospital, but they are continually short of instruments. Having used ukuleles in the past with patients, they have proven to be extremely popular. In particular, these ukuleles will be of great benefit to the most long term patients.

 “Music is a vital part of our vibrant arts for health programme here at Alder Hey and we know that there are proven clinical and therapeutic benefits from our children and young people taking part in musical activity.

The ukuleles are a wonderful addition to our programme and we know that our patients will really enjoy making music with them.”

Vicky Charnock, Arts Coordinator – Alder Hey in the Park

Welcome to the club everybody at Alder Hey in the Park. The ukuleles will be on there way to you very soon!

Please help us raise the funds to continue supporting these children on a regular basis…

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